The enrollment can only be performed within the year of application, as provided by Notice.

Entering students are not users of the JanusWeb System, their enrollments should be performed using forms that are filled in, signed and handed in at the same place of application.

Emails generated by the Janus system of the University Graduate Program will be sent only to email addresses from the USP domain, i.e., ending with ''. Email addresses of both This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. types will be accepted.

If your email address registered in the Janus system is not of the USP domain, it will be necessary to get it using the website and request your USP email account online; then, access the link with your respective password and click on alterar e-mail. Your email account will be automatically changed in the Janus System. This measure aims to provide safety and reliability to institutional systems, preventing the loss of important messages due to communication problems and to SPAM filters from several commercial providers.

The execution of the New Enrollment,  Article 55 of USP Graduate Bylaws, is mandatory at the moment of the initial enrollment.

Foreign students must submit the advanced level certificate of proficiency in Portuguese, obtained in the CELPE-Brás test ( up to 6 months before the course deadline.

Students not affiliated with the graduate program or with other Higher Education should perform their enrollment as special students at the FMUSP Graduate Service, Teodoro Sampaio, 115, 1st floor.



Enrollment of regular students

The enrollment period for regular students, who are not on leave of absence, comprises 3 successive stages, with the recommendation that students previously consult their advisor about which disciplines to choose:

- Pre-enrollment of the student: period for students to carry out their pre-enrollment in disciplines or their follow-up enrollment; the follow-up enrollment is mandatory for student who will not enroll in any discipline. All action confirmed by the student, in this System, generates an email to the very student in order to confirm the action performed;

- Advisor’s endorsement: period for advisors to endorse pre-enrollments in disciplines and accept follow-up enrollments of their advisees. The pre-enrollment or request of follow-up enrollment not analyzed by the respective advisor during this period will be automatically accepted;

- Lecturer’s approval: period for lecturers to approve the pre-enrollments endorsed by advisors. The pre-enrollment endorsed by the advisor that does receive feedback from the lecturer of the discipline will be automatically accepted.


Enrollment Via Internet 

1) Enter on

Check which Disciplines are Offered in the Term

Click on "Disciplinas Oferecidas" -> "Listar disciplinas oferecidas por área de concentração" -> "Faculdade de Medicina"  "Programa Desejado"

2) To cancel the enrollment in a discipline:


"Acesso Restrito"

Type your USP no. (username) and password

Click on cancelamento de matrícula and choose the discipline to be cancelled.

In order for the cancelation to take effect, advisor's agreement is necessary up to the deadline.

3) Access to Virtual Private Network (VPN)


VPN provides connectivity to USP network from any computer connected to the internet. Access the link and follow the instructions to create the connection.